Prior to my time at FAB Magazine, I always wondered what the fuss was about fashion models, photographers and stylist. For Christ’s sake, I had been involved in several photo-shoots where I played all three roles – stylist, model and photographer (Have you seen my blackberry picture folder?), and I did not break a sweat, so it was surprising to see these individuals claim to have these as day jobs.

Anyways, my perspective changed on the 21st of January 2011 as I decided to join Wale (FAB Magazine’s fashion assistant/stylist for the shoot) and the crew – Hakeem Salaam (photographer), Funmi Folorunso (MUA), Bisola (Fashion assistant) and Chinko (model for the day) – for ‘The Metropolitan Project’ shoot.

I know that at FAB, we like to push ourselves to the extreme but when I was
initially told the location for the shoot was under 3rd mainland bridge, I enjoyed a silent mock because I thought this to be an exaggeration. Fast-wind 45minutes later, ladies and gentlemen, I was stuffing my belly with humble pie as I was standing right under the bridge and could very well hear the thumping sound made by car tyres as they zoomed past above my head.


No Kidding - 3rd Mainland Bridge

And so the shoot began.

I watched as Wale, Bisola, Funmi and Hakeem got BUSY (BUSY being the keyword here). Wale literally dressed Chinko – wore the shirts and pants for him and even buckled/laced his sandals/shoes (at this point, I believed Chinko was being over-pampered). Funmi on the other hand, asides from ensuring the initial make-up application, kept dabbing sweat, painting and re-painting e.t.c.

that's Funmi's hand

For Hakeem, dude was standing, kneeling, squatting, bending, directing…just name it.

Oh Chinko, I had a rethink when I saw what the brother was put through by Hakeem – ‘give me that look’, ‘Chinko common, I’m not getting any help from you’, ‘let your leg hang up there’. At one point, Chinko became Naija’s ‘Jet-Li’, jumping in the air, kicking, throwing punches…I felt for the dude!


At 5:30pm, we called it a wrap. Arrived at 10am, left at 5:45pm, exhausted and ready to join the traffic that was gradually building above us. I was glad I witnessed this shoot and realized that these individuals work as hard as any 9-5er and deserve all the accolades that come their way.

Enjoy a few more ‘behind the scene’ pictures and grab a copy of FAB Magazine ‘THE COOL ISSUE’ to enjoy the totality of the shoot and loads of other FAB editorials.



For Hakeem, dude
was standing, kneeling, squatting, bending, directing…just name it.

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    I haven’t much to say on this time but do you have twitter account, so I can follow your latest blog entries.

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    Really, that was definitely really good information. Appreciate it for the nice information. Can be back in a few days to find out if there might be another updates.

  3. fumi(Brown Sugar)

    Yaayyy Bori!I jus stumbled on dis link 2nyt,in d funniest way…u can’t understnd!lol!…aawww!dis is rily kul..glad u apprec8 wat we do..was def kul workin wt d FAB team….n hopfully we”ll be bak soon enuf 2 do another…tk care honey!!!!*mwah*!
    P.S;I can see “my hand”….lol!


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