Before you read the above title and whip out your guns and machetes to put a stop to this unpatriotic fellow, please hear me out (more like read me on).

It’s the election season and there have been various campaigns on why we should – vote, vote wisely, ‘pless for umblerra’ – and how it is our – right, civic responsibility, securing the future of our children (or childrens, according to a certain dame) blah…blah…blah.

Dame Patience in action

Ok that is so true! But the real question is ‘who are you voting for?’

Remember, THIS IS MY POINT OF VIEW (which I hope would be in sync with yours after reading).

Truth be told, asides the major presidential and gubernatorial candidates (thanks to the numerous debates), 80% of us neither know the names nor antecedents of those vying for senate, house of reps or house of assembly positions. The few we know, we know because they have held the same positions of power since the word democracy was redefined in 1999.

I am no political genius, but I am almost sure that most actions taken by a president or governor has to have the backing of the senate/house of reps or house of assembly.

I am also aware that all the laws that govern a nation or state are created by the people in these positions. Same goes for the budget of any country (except Libya and the likes though).

I also do not need to be Einstein to know that if majority of the people in congress are of the opposition, then it will be a daunting task for any president or governor to swing votes on new bills his/her way.

So tell me, what defines voting wisely? – Choosing a leader that faces a brick wall at every turn or choosing congressmen because they are of the same party as the leader you want?

If not for the postponement of Saturday’s NASS (National Assembly) elections, many of us (minus me) planned to go ‘pless our hands’, but how many of us knew why we planned ‘pless our hands’ for whomever we did it for?

Sentiments? For the love of the campaign posters (Remi Tinubu, I love your posters)? Party allegiance (Like it is in Lagos State)?

Goodluck to the youths


they even remember our beer

While a multitude of us are of the opinion that Lagos is working so let’s just put back all those that belong to the ruling party, we forget that our honourable Governor is just one man – one man, who had a predecessor from the same party that did almost nothing, one man, who was almost impeached by a house of assembly filled with 99% of its members in his party, one man, who because of the insatiable appetite of a godfather almost lost a deserved ticket for re-election.

How wise is it then, voting for these same set of people who can upturn the whole system at the command of the Godfather?

What about the bigger picture – Nigeria? With a senate that could not take a stand when our late president was AWOL and yet want another 4 years in these decision making seats.

All I’m trying to say is while some of you are so sure of who you want to ‘pless your hand’ for (though you still may not know why), some of us are entitled to be confused about the whole political scene. I believe it is better to watch from the sideline than gamble with the future of NIGERIA.

So as cool as it is for most of us to vote, it is ALSO cool for some of us to stay away from polling booths.

See y’all next week (Hopefully I have something lighter to share).


Election April Fool convo

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