Kem Kem Studio (NG)
Another lover of aso-oke, vintage aso-oke to be precise, designer Kemmy Solomom presented her Heritage Part 2 Collection derived from a love story. It all started when she was asked to make special outfits for her client and client’s siblings from old aso-oke that belonged to their mother who had passed away. After spending so much time making the collection, she became attached, not only did she fall in love with the fabrics, but she fell in love with her client’s late mother for owning such amazing fabrics. Titled Heritage Part 2, the collection fuses the old and new beholding edgy constructed jackets and cool trousers with zip up detail all suited for the fun, playful and adventurous, with wearable looks that can be carried from day to night. Loving the aso-oke clutch bags!

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