Fati Asibelua, the designer of Momo Couture showcased her collection along with other well-known designers in New York during Arise Fashion Collective.












African, bohemian and chic, I believe are the right tags for the this collection. The idea of Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu and our FAB fashion editor Pepper Okwesa comes to mind, in terms of their personal style which his this 80s/90s African Bohemian nature with elements like bold African patterns, chunky accessories and a lot of tie-dye prints(this should not be mistaken for the hippie’s tie-dye of the late 60s and early 70s, theirs was more erratic). The chic aspect of the collection comes in from the silhouette with beautiful knee-length dresses and skirts, tunic tops, three quarter skinny pants and maxi skirts.

The collection seemed to be targeted at the working demographic due to the versatility of the clothes(you could easily throw a black blazer over these tie-dye dresses to make it make look smart)

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