Their romance though  lasted 8 months was the talk of Hollywood and birthed a hit music collaboration.

ariana and sean

It was reported that 27-year old Hip hop star Big Sean recently ended his relationship with his 21-year-old pop star beauty, Ariana Grande.

On Tuesday, April 21, the ‘love me harder’ singer wrote on her Twitter account telling followers that the break up had not phased her: ‘I love u babes so much. you’re a bunch of angels honestly. your love / care is appreciated so much. I’m good I promise.’ Ariana said….

ariana bieber

The Justin Bieber‘s come-from-behind stage embrace which trended wildly on the web  had Big Sean expressing his feelings in angry tweets :

In one deleted tweet, he simply wrote: “Wow.”

While in another, now erased, post he warned: “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe it. (sic)”

According to sources close to the couple, the event with Bieber  was a personal staged message from Ariana lashing out at her boo after their quarell.


Sources which also told TMZ that Sean claims it was him who called off the relationship because she was “immature.”

Reports say that that their relationship troubles began to brew in  February, when he made the most important appearance of his career at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Everyone came for the event– Kanye, Bieber, JLo, Chris Brown, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Tyga, Kylie and Kendall — but Ariana was absent. Her excuse had been that she needed to get ready for the Grammy’s the next day but he found her reasons extremely selfish.

ariana sean

Sean also complained that he would travel to see her”10 times more” than she went to see him. He claimed once she demanded that he made expenses in tens of thousands of dollars to take a private jet to see her. Big Sean who emerged from a poor background is more frugal with his spending  and referred to her as a spendthrift.

However what angered him most was that after the breakup, Justin Bieber jumped onstage in L.A. and grabbed Ariana from behind. Even though Ariana pushed Bieber away, Sean believes it was all staged by Ariana to hurt him. Rumors of unspoken love chemistry between she and Justin has been ongoing since 2013. But these have seemingly been tales peddled by fans who imagine they were secretly crushing on each other especially after Justin Bieber featured her in “Thinking About You”. But then, what do we know?

ariana justin


Well, this is just Big Sean’s side of the story. We are yet to know Ariana’s.Really believe People should keep their love lives sacred and keep the world out of it. All these facts flying everywhere, just reeks of excess exposure.

But then it’s Hollywood and they are celebrities. No matter how they hide their lives, the world will always send spies to investigate their stories. Price of fame.




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