So I was on the train with Suby and Sinem this afternoon and we started talking about a blog post that surfaced earlier this week about a British-based psychologist, Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, that apparently did a poll and came to the conclusion that black women are generally the ugliest women when considering all skin-tones.

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa

Dr Satoshi Kanazawa


Now it is one thing to think black women are ugly. Black women aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. And on the other side of things you might not like white men, or Asian, or black. Whatever, not everyone has to be hot to you it’s not by force BUT to conduct a poll like that and come to that conclusion and call it science?!?! #commonson

To add insult to injury we are said to also be heavier than other women and less attractive than our black men…

The original post that was put up was deleted after complaints but the damage is done!

You would think everyone would be outraged but I found some comments on the blog saying we should get over it and not give him the attention he seems to crave.

Click the picture to make it bigger!

What do you think? Should we care? I mean we know we’re hot anyway don’t we? *checking myself out in my mirror*

Till next time…

Nwadi xx

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