Africa Fashion Week New York 2011 Coverage by Isha Sesay/CNN


Africa Fashion Week New York has come and gone and for those who missed the week-long African fashion extravaganza that is the brainchild of Adiat Disu, CNN’s Isha Sesay’s in-depth coverage from behind the scenes should thoroughly whet your appetite to attend AFWNY’12 scheduled for July 12-18, 2012.

For now enjoy the videos of African Voices’ coverage of the event.

“We understand that not everyone can go to Africa. There’s nothing wrong with bringing Africa to them, to their backyard.” Adiat Disu

“I think fashion is bringing Africa out into the light. Designers … they all are using African fabric or really designing and are inspired from Africa. So I think this year, this millennium, is all about Africa … and I think we are really stepping up our game.” Adama Paris

“I want boutiques and buyers to take us seriously, as designers from Africa looking to be showcased in stores … I mean, it is not easy, people like to see the glamour but a lot of these designers really need to push here (to be seen) in New York.” Adiat Disu


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