FAB Fashion: Vlisco Funky Grooves Collection Unveiled

The Funky Grooves collection draws from Vlisco’s proud history, inspired by global urban culture and couture craftsmanship. A collection of contrasts, with edgy street wear influences reinterpreted through a lens of pure glamour, Funky grooves proves a melting pot of ideas, on the one hand using new colours to update Vlisco’s heritage designs, and on the other deploying classic Vlisco techniques to create new looks.

Raw, geometric lines, traditional wrap shapes, bold metallic studs and edgy industrial hues come together to create a modern vibe. The collection’s colours range from earthy browns, brassy golds and bronzes, to brick reds and shocking pinks, and fresh acid blues and greens. It all comes together in the Funky Grooves collection for a look that is bold, punky and original, yet feminine and effortlessly easy to wear.

The new Funky Grooves fabrics will also form part of a fashion & accessories collection, which will be available at selected Vlisco boutiques from August 2012.



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2 Responses to FAB Fashion: Vlisco Funky Grooves Collection Unveiled

  1. ayo says:

    these people are just something else. Great work

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