FAB Find: KibonenNY’s Colourful Offerings

We have been admiring KibonenNY’s colourful creations for this Spring/Summer for a while now and dazzled by their regular Facebook uploads and shares, we couldn’t help but bring a dash of colour and print to your day with their beautifully crafted designs from oversized cocktail rings to printastic laptop bags to beaded flip flops and vibrant clothing. Whether you like to rep your African roots with subtle accessories or all-over wax print, there is something for everyone in Kibonen’s colourful collection.

available here

Mousselin fused top, $48

Afro vintage laptop bag $130

Fashionista Eco Oversize Ring, $20

Chatteu sundress, $85

The K African print bag, $115

Fashionista Oversized African Print Clutch, $110

African Print Moccasins, $130

African Print Flip Flops, $30

African embroidered tunic, $70


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