Putting on some weight isn’t death sentence. So many people are of the opinion that fat people can’t look attractive but that stands to be corrected. No matter your body size, you can look attractive if you choose to, do not let society ruin it for you. There are certain things that you have to put in place to look attractive even as a fat person.

*Build up your self confidence.


You know you have to first love you before you can get other people to love you. So many fat people tend to feel inferior but that should not be the case. Society has given fat people to showcase themselves with the invention of Big, bold and beautiful contest. Now what else would make you more attractive than having such confidence in your self. You have to brace up because the minute your self esteem drops, then your worth automatically drops. This in turn can make you less attractive. Be confident in yourself.

*Personal Hygiene

personal hygiene

No one likes to stick around an unclean person. Asa fat person, you tend to sweat the more and so you must make it a duty to keep yourself and your environment clean. Wash up your body as often as you can at least twice in a day and also ensure you keep neat clothes. Do not stuff up your laundry because dirty laundry can bring about some sort of funny stench.

*Use right Deodorant and Skin Care products


This is slightly related to personal hygiene as discussed previously. Pick very friendly deodorant and use nice skin products. Do not attempt to use harsh skin products as this would compile the issue. You can always stay attractive on nice scent deodorants.

*Work Out

work out

Exercising is key to staying fit and attractive.  The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. This is reality so you may need to put in so much work to get desired results. If it was easy, everyone would be in shape. Close your eyes and work out so you can stay attractive always.

*Eat Healthy


Train dirty eat healthy does it for you. You can’t be working out and be eating junks. No one wants to labor in vain. Create an healthy diet that would see you through. An healthy diet doesn’t just help you stay fit, it helps to enhance your beauty too. Get an healthy diet (try fruits and veggies) and look attractive.

*Wear The right Outfits

right outfit

There are certain outfits that a fat person should avoid.  Not every clothing suits all body types. A fat person should never be caught wearing under butt shorts. Wear black because it helps conceal fat. Also stay away from large prints and also horizontal lines because they make you look bigger. You too can be attractive.

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