hooking upp

Is it really a big deal????

The hook-up culture has not always been the best. The Westerners started this culture and today Africans do not see it as much of a big deal. In this present generation, hook up s have become the new wild trend. People see hooking up as an avenue to do the unthinkable.
No one actually takes hook-ups seriously because one can’t even tell if the person you are being hooked up with is focused and wants a life partner or just merely passing out time.

  • People no longer have a standard time to wait before having sex, they just rush into it: the standard time used to be after 3 dates which usually is 3 months but in recent times, 3 hours is all it takes to get down. Nobody cares about the supposed standards; they just want to have sex.

Wait for Sex time?


  • There is no difference between seeing each other, dating and just hanging out: labelling the relationship you have with a person is really key to determine where you stand. These days people cannot even point where they belong, it is truly important to be able to categorize yourself?Categorize yourself


  • If you hooked up with a person and it didn’t work out, can you hook-up with his/her friend: This is what so many people do not understand. We also do not understand the concept behind hooking up. When you are hooked up with a person and it doesn’t work out, are you allowed to trying hooking up with that person’s friend? The answer remains NO as hook ups are not really what they are supposed to be. You find out often times that the past hook up; they just might have slept with each other. This automatically makes it unacceptable.

Right Or Wrong?

  • If you both just want sex, why waste time doing “dinner dates”? There is really no need wasting a lot of time trying to make it look good. If it’s just sex then it should remain that way. A date is not what it is, You do not have to pretend that it is more than it actually is
Date Night

Dinner Date?

  • No one wants to be the 1st to say ‘I love you’ : In this time and generation, where love has become so scarce, if you find someone you love, do not waste so much time in letting them know you feel. When you feel that the time is right, throw away the fear of the unknown and scream if you have to, otherwise you may miss the opportunity. You never can tell; the person might just be waiting to hear what you have to say.

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