The Amazing talent that is Chris Brown


One of the most talented and beguiled artist out there at the moment is Chris Brown. He has put together some of the best tracks over the last 18 months, an amazing album F.A.M.E.

She Ain’t You” was released to urban radio on March 28, 2011 as the fourth single from F.A.M.E.. It has since peaked at number thirteen on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and the video was released a few days ago.

Now everyone in the world knows about Chris Brown’s “incident” with Rihanna, I say shame that happened, but for crying out loud, the brother has paid more than 1000 over for what he did. He just wants to be taking seriously for the talent that he is and not remembered for one incident for which he has paid his dues and apologised for (we are NOT still condoling what he did here), give the brother a chance I say.

“She Ain’t You” is a tribute to the great Michael Jackson, some comments that best convey just how much of a lovely feel good  video and song this is can be seen on the comments on youtube, a few chosen ones below:

i think if MJ was alive he would be part of this video dancing next to chris brow.
thumps up if you agree

Thank you Chris Brown for bringing Michael’s music back with the release of this song… It’s going to feel so great to hear this track on the radio once it hits the airwaves, to hear that Human Nature sound just soothes my soul!

the song is playing over and over in my head
the dance steps are stuck in my head
another good track performed by a good talented artist
I know MY IDOL MICHAEL JACKSON is looking down smiling and glad that he had inspired another young artist
this track will be on top of the chart
man,what else can you ask for?

Please do let us know what you feel about Chris and this video/song tribute/nod to Michael Jackson.



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  1. Sharon

    He sings and dances well but being a girl beater tops all that! Not ready to forgive him, wishing him good luck……. I love his beautiful people video btw….

  2. Miss O

    I LOVE Chris Brown.. he has been forgiven!.. People may say the above is rip off but i like it, its nice, he can sure dance as good as Michael too!.. Beautiful people off F.A.M.E really makes smile too!.. Video is great!.. As is ‘Look at me now’ which was ‘my tune’ for a his F.A.M.E album is deffo one to get!!


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