A father played a prank on his three year-old daughter who asked why some of her Barbie dolls were white and some were black. He told her that all girls turned black on their fourth birthday. Here’s her reaction…



As usual with anything that has to do with colour these days the race card was pulled out. The video caused quite a bit of controversy and the three year-old girl was accused of being racist, as if she even knows what it is at that age?!  But the father insists that it was just a joke, besides she didn’t mind being chocolate like an “emimem”.

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  1. Nicola

    LMAO.. hardly a racist at three but aww bless her… dad tells her shes going to look like chocolate (going to slightly excite or calm any three year old girl) to ‘actually your going to be the colour of an eight ball!’.. lol her reactions are too funny!


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