When you think of church plays you might normally think of amateur dramatics, people forgetting lines and cheesy jokes. But 10-10-10 by the Intermission theatre completely dispelled those rumours and proved that there really is talent in the church…

Intermission theatre is a professional Christian theatre company, part of St. Saviours church in Knighstbridge, London, and they recently hosted 10-10-10 which was a showcase of London’ s finest performers, writers and directors. The night consisted of 10 plays – each 10 minutes long and  very different from the next – dealing with hard-core issues while at the same time still capturing genuine laughter from the audience. The actors created believable characters that were able to hold the attention of every single person in the over-flowing church hall.

Race stereotypes, the roles of men and women and the psychological state of young people were just some of the issues that the 10 plays confronted. Artistic director Darren Raymond was very clear-set on his goal when he said he wanted people “to experience excellent theatre” because that’s exactly what it was. Not only was the showcase entertaining but it left me with food for thought and completely redefined “church plays”.

A night of "excellent theatre

Look out for The Playground  - a play by Intermission’s youth theatre, running from the 3rd – 26th November 2011.

For more information visit http://www.intermissionactors.com/ or call 0207 823 8979.



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