It’s not everyday we see a fresh-faced cover girl so excuse us while we go gaga over Zoe Kravitz’s make up free Teen Vogue cover. Interviews by her fried designer Alexander Wang for the March issue of the magazine, Kravitz joked about being a tomboy.


‘You’re like, “Take off your Adidas sports sandals. Please, God. Brush your hair,”‘ Zoe told him. ‘People know that we’re friends, and that I wear your clothes all the time, but above and beyond that you have honestly guided me through my career.’

Kravitz also revealed when she first met Alexander she was a ‘weird person’ wearing ‘DIY shoes’, but he appreciated her ‘uniqueness’ in a way that other people didn’t. She also credited Wang as the one who encouraged her ‘dress like a woman’ during a time in her life when she wasn’t comfortable in her body.


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