So FABulous people,

Have you ever wanted to be in a music video?

Or perhaps you like are in love with T-Boy and will use any excuse to meet him?


Or maybe you just have nothing better to do in your life that day and think you might as well get out of the house?

Whatever the case here is what Mr Don’t Jealous Me has put up on YouTube:

To feature in my video on 17th June 2011 for the single HOLD ON TO ME come to Dream Arch Studio on 28th May or 2nd June for a picture and a chat. If you can’t make these dates then text 07946780874 or email [email protected] with your picture and full name for more information.

701 Pagden Street, Battersea Park, SW8 4AT

If you do decide to go let us know! I’m rooting for you!

I thought about going for one second… then decided he wasn’t ready for this jelly… ;)

Hugs all around!

Nwadi xx

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