Who wouldn’t want to join Idris Elba for Valentine’s? You may be in with a chance this year as Idris Elba is looking for a Valentine — for a small price.

With a donation minimum of $10 to Omaze — a charitable website that links donors with experiences — you can be entered to win the chance to spend Valentine’s Day with Idris Elba.

The prize includes “the most romantic meal of your life” with the actor, being declared his actual Valentine, and airfare and hotel expenses to go wherever he plans on being that magical day.

All the proceeds will be donated to the charity W.E. Can Lead, which provides education, leadership development opportunities, and mentoring to young women in Africa.  W.E Can Lead envisions a world where EVERY girl receives a quality education, her inherent potential is fully realised and she is able to influence her world.

Don’t know about you but we are getting started now. The more you donate, the more likely you are to win the date with Elba (and help a great cause).

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