World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has photographed the Kardashian sister on their new clothing line. The collection debuted on the 25th of August and it has been produced exclusively for Sears, in the United States.











The collection was based around the sisters sense of style.  So,  if you ever dreamt of looking like the Kardashian sisters, then this collection is certainly for you.

The Kardashian Sisters


The collection features everything from day wear, to lingerie, to shoes and handbags. The collection is sold at every Sears store as well as it’s online shop. The Kardashian sisters have done a lot of collections before so this is not a huge surprise, but this collection on the other has a few decent pieces the every woman can relate to.  Like the corseted leopard dress, the slimming black jump suit and the pink blouse dress.


To see more of the collection as well as buy some items check out the Sears Website.

I would suggest you check it out because you get a 30 per cent discount online.



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