CMS Street Lagos

CMS Market  they say is the place for all things vintage and beautiful, some even define it as the Portobello market of Nigeria….ive actually not been too keen to take my time when it comes to the market, but after 5 consecutive days of being on the computer writing and meeting deadlines, sending and returning e-mails, i got so bored of serenity and the only thing that could appeal to me at the time was the sound of market sellers whaling trying to call your attention to whatever they were selling.

So i decide to call my very good friend and blogger Terence Sambo, who even the market men and women call by his surname 😮 , Terence  is major in CMS.



The shoe lane


These guys have the best of vintage shoes you can ever imagine 😮 …..after so much trials and not finding a  perfect fit for my size 11 feet 🙁 next stop was the best shop 😀



The Belt Shop

I bet you can imagine what this shop smelt like, a combination of vintage leather belts from different generations.

See what i found!


Dolce and Gabanna vintage belt 😮

Leaving my ATM back home was actually a good choice, this belt would have cost me N4,500……not a bad deal really, but glad my ATM is home hehehe

So after so much walking around, i picked up 6 items and put them on the side and told the guys ild be back to pick them.

Shopping Trick 101

Shopping trick i got from my mum,Putting an item on the side and going back to pick up after a few hours or a day would allow you go think over those items, if you are itchy and scared someone else might buy them or feel like running back to get those items at 12 midnight that meants those items actually belong to you, if you forgot about reserving them….then you were only trying to be pariotic 😉


Happy Ending

What a great way to end the day and fuel my tank, Roasted Plantain and groundnuts……..Now this is one thing you will never find in Portobello, CMS wins! 🙂


So if you are actually thinking of doing some great shopping, or even want me to shop on your behalf….im just a message away, and trust me with the best, iv emade the contacts 😉 might just cost you a little shopping on your bill 😀

Find out the items i put aside in my next update 🙂

Womenswear coming soon!


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5 Responses

  1. Majid

    HAHAHAHAHA! Great post, love it,prolly we can have some great shopping experience together……i wont mind some thousands on my bill….lol

  2. j

    cms are you serious?
    gosh I miss lagos
    theres nothing you wont find there?
    a ad&g belt for 4,5
    you sure its not bootlegged
    kai I miss lagos
    I miss boli
    lord ………sigh

  3. uche

    Pls is this cms mart the same as balogun market,if no how can i acess cms market?Thanks


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