One trend that was noticeable during the New York Fashion Week is the use of pastel colours. The William Okpo fashion brand, owned by sisters Darlene Okpo and Lizzy Okpo of Nigerian heritage have unveiled their all new Spring/Summer 2015 collection and their love for pastels is obvious.

The design duo have been very busy lately with a collaboration with Solange Knowles for a classic new Puma design as well as opening a store with her in New Orleans. Regardless of these projects, Darlene and Lizzy Okpo has been able to churn out a lovely collection that we simply cannot get enough of here at FAB.

For their latest effort, the sisters play with shapes, cut outs and different silhouettes in very pretty pastel fabrics. Presented with fashion forward hair and super cute yellow shoes, the collection leaves a very lasting impression.

Check out the collection below:

1-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 2-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 3-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 4-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 5-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 6-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 7-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 8-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 9-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 10-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 11-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 12-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 13-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 14-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 15-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 16-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 17-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 18-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 19-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 20-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 21-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 22-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 23-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw 24-william-okpo-spring-2015-nyfw

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