Emerging designer Rahima Mohamed behind fashion brand RAAAH and Stephanie Coker MTV presenter have both been spotted rocking I.AM.ISIGO showstopping dungarees on their respective holidays. Rahima was first seen in the yellow-blue striped dungarees back when she was in Tenerife, paired with a white tee and orange court heels. Stephanie, who was recently in Dubai, also paired hers with a white tee and gold court shoes, giving it a touch of swag by adding a ‘Loyal’ cap.

raaah iamisigo


coker iamisigo

The dungarees are from I.AM.ISIGO’s ‘White Noise’ Collection which is all about stripes and plain fabrics in Moroccan crepe, cotton and chiffon
Inspired by the beauty of random signals with the power of time series distributed over different frequencies. The synergy in which algorithms are used to create digital images that bring about  the pixels of a “white noise image” which are typically arranged in a rectangular grid, and are assumed to be independent random variables with uniform probability distribution over some interval formed the base for our Resort 2015 collection.


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