You should know by now what chilling in Swe Bar feels like. Well, in case you don’t know, Swe Bar is the home for many entertainers in Nigeria. While some started with short performances at a Swe Party, some will say Swe Bar has been their biggest supporter. Swe bar has been the host of many, from The Mohits crew to 2face to Djinee to Juluis Agwu to name them all with their friends. And in BankyW’s voice i sing “Aint no party like a Swe bar party”.


This night was about Eldee The Don and friends with a special performance by Christine Ameh. Eldee’s friends and supporters came out to show this pioneer love and it was a fun fun fun night. Hosted by Mr FAB(Eldee’s best friend) and Comedian TeeA. Let me allow the pictures do the talking so next time, before we say Swe- you will complete the phrase with Bar and your name to be on the guest list.




Yes Bosses!!


Eldee, Olu Maintain and Mr FAB


Photo Credits : Seyi Charles George and Swe Bar



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