What kind  of heart  are you?

Lovesick,  walking wounded,  loving, head-over-heels or  lovelocked…



lovesick heart


The lovesick is yet to be in love but yearns for it with a sweet madness. Crushes come and go for the lovesick but true love is what they genuinely dream, fantasize and eagerly await with a semblance to “virginal” anticipation…




The walking wounded has experienced love but the end result ; a broken heart that is yet to heal. The walking wounded wants to love again but the pain of past emotional traumas will not let him/her let go to a new love experience. He/she fears love as one would a plague and fights off every signal to their mind’s radar that they maybe sailing too close to love zone with a new person.


loving heart

The Loving heart may or may not have experienced being in love before but one way or another have decided to accept love and commitment from anyone deserving. If the loving heart had suffered a disappointing romance, he or she has healed completely and moved on. Albeit not in love at the moment, he or she is open to fall in love if possible yet not banking on being ‘in love’ as a reason to accept someone. The creed of this heart is to treat nicely and kindly whoever loves them enough to make them want to commit.


cupid arrow heart

The Head-over-heels is a heart zestfully, madly in love in every sense of the word. This heart is having fun at the moment with the amazing sensations and feelings associated with being around someone who means the whole world to him or her. This heart is the happiest heart in the group.


love locked


The Lovelocked has never fallen in love, and has no intention or plans of ever investing into what he/she regards as an emasculating emotion. To the lovelocked, committment is but a mere business of settling down with someone good enough to settle with when the time is ripe for procreation. Infact marriage might not even in the purview for the ‘lovelocked’ because that’s something they might just decide to forget about.


Any of these sound familiar? So what kind of heart are you?



“Love happens, no one is immune” – Nnena Omali

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