Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 23.51.06Nigerian soul singer Waje brought Christmas early on the cover of Made Magazine digital. Styled by Made editor Tokyo James and photographed by creative director Remi Adetiba, Waje sizzles on the cover of the magazine’s relaunch edition in a black Andrea Iyamah one piece and a Versace choker from Polo Avenue as she cups her breasts.

Inside there are more sizzling images of the songstress as she models a red Ifueko Iguehon two-piece.

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Waje also talks to the magazine in a frank interview.  Waje is a woman who isn’t afraid to hold her own, a mother, an embodiment of what Africa represents (survival, strength, hope, love) soulfully energetic and a BUSINESS WOMAN,” is how she describes herself. Waje also talks music, politics, fans and family.

Let’s see what else Waje had to share with readers.

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On elections…

“I think we are still trying to find our feet as a country, I have respect for the fact that everyone is trying to go deeper than the basic election themes that we have gotten used to. From what I have observed from the campaigns, there is more respect for the collective intellect of the electorate; anyone coming in has to literally turn up their game many notches higher.”

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On her fans…

“I am always shocked by the depth of their love and loyalty. There’s this deep community of Waje lovers that follow all I do. They know all my lyrics
and you can identify them either by their monikers for example there’s Waje’s husband, Waje’s son, No 1 fan of Waje, No 2 fan and many more.
A number of them do intense line by line critiques of my music, it’s truly shocking. I am always humbled by any encounter I have with them via my monthly chat #AskWaje which happens every 3rd Friday of the month. There you’ll find the craziest, wittiest and most loyal people on earth.”

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On 2014 highlights…

“For me, it’s been applying methods and seeing them work in business. For the nation, seeing how the Nigerian music industry has positively affected the global perception of our country. It’s a great feeling to be a part of that as well as I continue my musical journey and expand my business across Africa!”

To read the rest of the interview, visit Made Magazine

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