W Magazine Fashion and Style Director Edward Enninful Talks Shopping, Bikram Yoga and Naomi Campbell

The Cut caught up with the recently appointed style director of W Magazine during New York Fashion Week to talk about fashion. The Ghana-born, UK-raised former model who made his foray into the fashion world at 16 after being spotted on a train by stylist Simon Foxton and  climbed up the rungs of the industry with styling jobs ati-D magazine where he was named fashion director at just 18. Later, he became a contributing editor at both the Italian and American editions of Vogue, where he freelanced for the past decade.

Let’s see what Enninful had to say about his personal style, favorite shopping partners and the fashion industry.

On His Style

“I always dress the same. I’ve dressed the same since I was seventeen. It’s black pants, white shirt, suit jacket. My style has always remained consistent.

I’m not really defined by how I dress. I think my job is to project a vision onto a person. I don’t need to be dressed to the hilt to do that. It’s more important for me to project onto another person than to project onto myself. The way I dress sort of keeps me out of the way, and frees up my mind to focus other people.”

On the September issue of W

“It’s my first issue, and it came together so well, the mixture of established photographers and writers and young talent. My goal is always to create something that seems new, and I think that’s why W hired me. I like to mix the old, the new, the avant-garde with the mainstream.”

On Using a Galliano Piece in the September issue of W

“It wouldn’t have mattered if it were Galliano or Gucci or Prada, you know, it just suited the look. I’m a stylist and an editor, not a politician. I shoot what works for the picture.”

On Being Calm and Collected

“I’ve always been quite even-keeled anyway; but, for me, it’s better to approach a situation with a clear head than to be run by whims. So, I always try to stay grounded. I do lots of yoga—Bikram yoga. And, even though I’ve been involved in the fashion industry since I was 17, I think it’s very important to have a life outside the industry. I have a great family and great friends, and I do have other interests outside of fashion.”

On Shopping 

“I go shopping with Kate Moss sometimes, and Naomi Campbell, just as friends. They drag me and I don’t really have a choice. With Kate, we’ll do lots of vintage shopping, wherever we are in the world; and with Naomi, somehow we always wind up in Alaia.”

Read the rest of the interview here.


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