First time on a voluntary work holiday? Worried about style? Fret not, here’s a couple suggestions on how you can travel light, smart and with glamour!

Depending on where you are travelling, you can expect most of the time, the change in environment affects your body and lifestyle in some ways. In cases where you believe the work site endures scorching temperatures and radiance that will cause your skin to bronze, peel or freckle, you might consider…





H&M Sunglasses from £3.99;


1. Shades… a pair or two from H&M is good enough, chances of misplacing belongings or breaking them is steep but if you already have Ray-Bans, fine.





Palmers Fade Cream with Vitamins C & E, Sunscreen & Alphahydroxy from £4;


2. Sunscreen… Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream with Vitamic C&E, Alpha Hydroxy and Sun screen is your all-in-one solution to deter customs snobs.  75g bottle and you’re good to go. I find it especially effective and until now, I use it when I’m back home. It also acts as concealer for scars and heals them over time! NEAT is all I can say.






Nivea Men's Deodorant Silver from £1;

Cartier-Eau De Cartier Deodorant Stick 75ml from £16,


3. Deodorant stick… Do the rest a favour, personal hygiene is part of social responsibility, if that’s not what you think, it’s too late to repent when everyone starts pinching their nose!








You can expect it’s all work and play… how about a dip?

Speedo Mens Swim Wear Briefs/Swimming Trunks from £6;

Vibrant Stripes Bikini Top £10.80;


1. Swimming costumes – bikinis for chicks without saying but for guys, you should consider investing on at least 2 pairs of swimming trunks, not only because they are versatile; you wear it during the day and need not bother changing to another pair of broad shorts (besides, it occupies space!!!) in the public. Trunks are easily maintained and usually made of highly durable fabrics, it also dries up fast, so dump those CK briefs or boxers away before it gets thrown away eventually!



HITACHI HDC-1491E 14MP Compact Camera; from £34.99 on ebay or £54.99 on


2. Camera – if you know you have 10 kg baggage allowance from no-frills airlines such as RYANAIR, don’t be daft and expect you have enough space for your telescopic lens and tripods, at the end of the day, they end up in other people’s hands anyway. So, in this case, what you can do if you still want quality pictures and a safe mind is go for a cheap and good one- you might think I’m kidding, because those two qualities hardly tango these days. But I’m telling you this… ARGOS it. £35 for 14mp digi cam + it’s run by AA batts, that means you snap all you want until it’s time to drop all the cells into the recycling container.








Scosche SolBatt II from £18;


3. Solar charger for your iPhone, iPad or BBs! Yes, besides air and space, the last free entity you have in this world is the SUN! So make full use of it with the greenest consumer technology device – Solar charger FTW!










Take care while being there…

You don’t expect 5-star luxury accommodation in voluntary work holidays… most of the time, they would require you to bring your own sleeping bags! So, that means it is going to be chilly and rocky at night! You might thank me for telling you this otherwise, you’ll curse yourself for having all your garments in the other part of the world but none during the time when you most needed them.

1. A hoodie/sweater + a pair of joggers/sweatpants. Not only you protect yourself from the night gale, you evade the formidable armies of mosquitoes! First and last warning! Insect repellent might work for some, as for sprays, they are lemon.

2. Cover the bottom digits with a pair of tough footwear which will last you from day one and beyond! check out timberland outlets for some good deals!

3. Inflatable pillow – your neck will thank you a thousand times for that.

4. Timekeeping is equally important as you don’t want to miss out any fun or flight!  Rolex’s gonna be at home, take Casio with you.

5. Torchlight – Battle darkness without awaking the rest (if you’re resting with anyone)! Also makes you think of the bedtime stories under the bed!

6. Thick socks instead of ankle chaussettes will save you from blisters and provide you longer lasting comfort!

7. Anti-bacteria hand liquid – in the event you might want to peel a orange after you powdered your nose, who knows?

In addition, in order to travel optimally, try to think of the place of where you are gonna stay – are there going to be a superstore nearby? In that case, you can forget bringing your toiletries and spend a few quid on 50ml body gels and toothcare. That way you avoid spills in your bag too, you will not forgive yourself when that ever happens, just imagine your boarding pass or tickets… touchwood!

Tomorrow, be prepared for the last part to my series of Voluntourism where I’m going to reveal the recommended names of services you should look at if you’re interested in an active holiday!

If you haven’t have an idea what a Voluntourism is… check out Part 1 of the series at:




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