Yes! VLISCO is back with a brand new collection and as much as I would like to stay mum and let you be the judge of these…Out this July, I must just mention that they NEVER DISAPPOINT!













The designs of Tresor Brillant unveil the hidden strength of women. ranging from abstract jewels to floral designs, they offer a glamorous and graceful look and tease the senses. The design team has created a uniquely varied collection of impressive patterns that put women on a well-deserved pedestal!


With its dreamy designs featuring rich, fiery reds punctuated with intense shades of blue and green, the Tresor Brillant concept is truly diverse, ranging from the highly detailed to the highly abstract. The repetitive figurative designs appear to be infinite, while twinkling designs create a glossy look and add the perfect touch of glamour. the fabrics let every woman shine in all her allure.


Combining designed with uni-coloured fabrics provides numerous possibilities to create a stunning outfit. the red, blue, brown and mustarf and gold and yellow shades and the Tresor brilliant fabrics form the perfect match.


The fashion and accessories collection reflects the refined luxury and elegance of tresor brillant. The dresses are supple and drape gracefully around the body. Combined with shimmery satin uni-coloured fabrics or richly decorated with Swarovski crystals, the resulting outfit will be second to none and will make heads turn. the lace is stitched with sparkly gold-coloured materials for the ultimate glamorous touch and a number of designs have been adorned with sequins for a sophisticated accent. For the ultimate finish to your outfit Vlisco introduces perfectly matching timeless bags and luxrious trimmings, a reflection of exquisite taste down to the very last detail. Both fashion and accessories are available in Vlisco boutiques. the bags are also available on the VLISCO website.


The Tresor Brillant campaign tells the story of a mysterious woman, wandering throught the night. Gracefully flowing fabrics weave an enigmatic story, determined to reveal where her journey is taking her. strutting through the dim setting of the colonnade, she adds the perfect touch of glamour as she continues towards her destination, where she divinely takes the stage, silhouetted by spotlights that illuminate her sophisticated attire of dreamy designs.

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      Hello Nneka, please you can purchase VLISCO fabrics from their website

      For retailers closer to you, we do feel you should be able to contact VLISCO on their website for this information

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