Solange Knowles definitely has a lot of fight in her. A surveillance video gotten by TMZ has emerged where Solange Knowles, Beyonce, Jay-Z and their bodyguard get into an elevator after the MET gala that held recently and just as the elevator doors close Solange launches herself at Jay-z and physically attacks him.

At this point the reason for the attack is uncertain but it is quite obvious that Solange was mega pissed at Jayz about something. It is also quite obvious that while a bodyguard tries to restrain Solange, Beyonce stands idly by without much interference.

After the fight they all emerge to paparazzi waiting outside the museum doors and Jay-z’s shirt is untucked and unnoticed as his expression shows shock while Beyonce tries to smile for the cameras. Even though all three walked out of the building together, with Solange looking pissed, Beyonce and Solange get in one car while security walks JayZ to a different one.

article-0-1D9D1A0C00000578-984_634x681 article-2626389-1D9DE51400000578-863_634x781 article-2626389-1D9D427400000578-555_634x861 article-2626389-1D9D194200000578-944_634x806Representatives for Beyonce, Jay Z or Solange have yet to make a comment on the video and we doubt that any comments will come to explain the video.

We hope reasons for the attack surface soon – Solange was so angry!

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