Fast and Furious is one of the most anticipated franchises releasing it’s seventh film this year. Think cars, fast sexy cars in all shapes and sizes, amazing stunts, a wealth of serious, comedic and hot actors – did I mention cars? It’s release is highly anticipated and we for sure cannot wait to see Furious 7 in cinemas. VIBE caught up with some of the franchises’ actors; Ludacris, Vin Diesel and Tyrese, hitting us with three digital covers and detailed interviews with each star, check the out below.


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On Fast 7 being the most ambitious project yet of the franchise

With the success comes a lot of pressure. How will we make it bigger, better [and] more interesting? How do we have a moment where you’re crying, emotional, [and] on the edge of your seat? How do we take it up a notch? We just hope that we never let the fans down. The overall magnitude of [Furious 7] is bigger. And very emotional for all the obvious reasons—our brother Paul Walker. So we’re trying to find a happy medium. You don’t want to come off too happy, too excited because we know what happened to our brother. But at the same time you are excited because the overall movie in itself—including Paul—is the best one of the series. We had to rise the occasion, become each other’s positive reinforcement and help us to get through making this movie, and we did. And we brought our brother with us. We’re excited. We believe that this is going to be the most successful one of all of them.

Check out the rest of Tyrese’s interview here where discusses his upcoming album, says more on Fast 7 and talks about how is not letting personal and professional adversity stop his drive.



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On the Fast and Furious saga with Paul Walker

The person that used to challenge me the most was Paul Walker. Every time I’d come out of a movie premiere we’d leave everybody else and it’d just be him and I to the side. And he’d always tell me, “The best one is still in the can.” And when the tragedy happened, I made a promise to him that I would do everything to make this the best movie in history. And everybody that was part of the film did the same thing, because what more could you give him than a film that would be his legacy? And here we are today with one of the most groundbreaking, important films of the millennium: Furious 7. Brace yourself.

Check out the rest of Vin Diesel’s interview here where he shares a personal history of the movies that made him a superstar.



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On filming with Paul Walker’s brother, Caleb and Cody Walker 

It was surreal. They look and act exactly like Paul, so there were a couple of times where you kinda forget and you glance over thinking it’s Paul. I feel like he’s living through his brothers. There’s so many similarities, it just reinforces genetics, how important family is, carrying on a legacy, all of these different things. But I enjoyed working with them. Paul passed away when he was already 80 percent done with his parts, so it wasn’t too much work that had to be done.

Check out the rest of Luda’s interview here, where he also talks about making his grand return to music with his eighth LP, Ludaversal and more on Fast 7.


We can’t wait to see this highly anticipated film, check out Fast 7’s trailer below;

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