Did you know that some Indian Zealots forcibly marry any couple found expressing love publicly on Valentine’s Day? Strange isn’t it?

They insist anyone saying ‘I Love You’ on Valentine’s Day must get married since they really have good intentions for the person they are professing love to. They say it is pointless to celebrate love with someone you do have plans to marry.

Every year, when we think of February 14th, do we just think of romantic love? A day set aside to celebrate love by those smitten by the love bug?

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Here is the thing, February 14th  is not just about celebrating Valentine and because it is a day set aside to celebrate love does not mean that after you have constantly served your partner cold dishes of assorted annoying and outrageous behaviour you decide to be the most perfect partner on Valentine’s day, that is not what Love is about. The idea behind this day is to make it special, and as much as partners want to visualise it as just another day to appreciate each other, it is a great excuse for all the cheesy and mushy behaviours, what better way to express your love?

That being said, there are quite a number of singles who still celebrate Valentine happily regardless of their ‘marital’ or relationship status.

Irish Writer, Oscar Wilde once said “The very essence of romance is uncertainty” and there is nothing uncertain about predictability.

These days, Valentine’s Day is said to be predictable and can become boring as the years roll by. Certainly it gives us an excuse to indulge ourselves but a train line display of gestures you show your lover loses its luster when it is consistent.

What cannot be predicted however, are those romantic surprises that get your lover swooned on days other than the Valentine’s Day.

It is not the amount of money that you spend, certainly not chocolates or a teddy bear that pass for true love therefore, don’t wait to impress with a lot of money on that day.

Romance is an ever-present bond between people not just reserved for February 14th.

If you wait until a special date on the calendar to romance your special one, you’re missing the point of love and relationships.

I am sure you know any time is the right time to celebrate love.

When you are in a loving, healthy relationship – it always feels like Valentine’s Day every day. True?

Going by the history books, Valentine’s Day was originally a Christian holiday set aside to remember the life and times of St. Valentine who was arrested and brutally murdered for going against the laws governing the Roman Empire on Weddings and Ceremonies. St. Valentine ignored the decree of Emperor Claudius II who outlawed marriage who believed that men who were single were much better soldiers. Valentine was arrested and eventually executed on his orders.

The exchange of gifts, cards, flowers and candy did not start until the medieval period as a way of expressing emotion to one another.

I am not certain when this tradition will come to a halt definitely it is expected to evolve into a lot more fancier way of expressing love.

Commercially-laden holidays like the V-Day do their best to manufacture romance Restaurants and bars are go-to places, online stores are traffic jammed, prices of pack of condoms, fine wines skyrocket and young men are pressured to somehow throw a fit for their significant other in some sort of Cupid hue-red package.

Valentine’s Day offers us a rare opportunity to undertake a new perspective on how better we can grow our loving relationship and live happily with the ones we love.

The customary approach with flowers, watches, cards, chocolate and romance works perfectly for some while some others believe an expression of love towards family, friends and the needy can be equally rewarding.

Yes, we think of Valentine’s Day as a day for lovers however, it’s also a day to celebrate friendships and co-existence with other human beings isn’t it?

But…what happens after Valentine’s Day? Are we going to stop loving, showing affection and appreciating our loved ones?

We must not lose sight of the meat of the matter! The crucial issue is the renewal of ties with the ones we love not just romantic lovers, but friends and family and all of those other important people in our lives. Every day is Valentine’s day, February 14th   is just the universally recognised date.

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