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Uzo Aduba Is Taking Over The Red Carpet Style Crown + 10 Looks That Prove We Are Right

August 201451

Nigerian born Hollywood actress Uzo Aduba has been getting quite a lot of media coverage lately for her spectacular acting as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Netflix series Orange Is The New Black for which she has already won an Emmy award.

Even though the 34year-old actress has been in the Hollywood entertainment industry for a while, she is only really starting to get recognition and while the world is taking note of Uzo Aduba for her acting we are taking note of her for her style.

With Lupita Nyong’o already crowned as the red carpet queen for 2014, a lot of other stylish women have not been getting enough mention and Uzo Aduba is one of such women. A look at Uzo Abuda’s various styles shows her versatility and the smooth transition she makes from playful looks to classy looks to elegant looks and more.

A lot of natural-haired ladies can also use Uzo Aduba for hair inspiration as she has mastered the red carpet beauty look as well as the red carpet fashion look. Check out our pick of 10 looks from Uzo Aduba in the past few months:

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