What seems to be the trending these days are crazily unbelievable. People step out in all forms of clothing revealing so much flesh all in the name of fashion. What makes it worse is that shorts are getting shorter and dresses are becoming more skimpy.

Some celebrities started the trend and everyone wants to copy regardless of culture and moral values. Now lets take that aside, are under butt shorts appropriate? Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are queens when it comes to under butt shorts but these shorts shows off too much buttock and it doesn’t find favor with everyone. The under butt short is the biggest fashion disaster as far as we are concerned.

Miley Cyrus In Under Butt shorts

Miley Cyrus In Under Butt shorts




The worst thing ever is the fact that some people think wearing shorts so tiny that their butt cheeks literally seep out from underneath is appropriate. It’s very appalling to the eyes. It is very inappropriate to step out of your house revealing your buttocks on the street. . So many people have seen it on their fave celebrities and feel it is right to just copy but we all need to put into consideration so many things before following trends. There are women who cover up and still look absolutely gorgeous, you don’t have to get naked to look good. There is supposed to be a limit to what we can reveal as there is a big difference between short and skimpy.




Underbutt in PublicNo matter your body size or structure, under butt shorts are simply inappropriate and totally wrong.

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