Being a celebrity doesn’t exempt you from facing all challenges and life drama. In fact it leaves you more exposed to such dramas. Celebrities are sometimes unlucky especially in love just like other regular people. Despite a robust career, money and amazing bodies, they still struggle to fit into a relationship. See some of Hollywood’s sexy yet single celebrities.

*Britney Spears


It is almost impossible  for any man to want to cheat on such a beauty BUT the way most guys are set up, you just have to expect the unexpected. She has had a fair share when it comes to failed relationships. Her last boyfriend David Lucado was filmed kissing another woman, she has since broken up with him and returned to the singles club.

*Jordin Sparks


It’s been about a month since she broke up from her boo Jason Derulo after three years together. They were so into each other that no one ever thought it was going to end up in a break up. To be honest, we thought there was a marriage proposal lurking around the corner. Sadly enough it didn’t work out and Jordin has since been single again.

*Khloe Kardashain


Khloe 30, is one of the gorgeous Kardasain clan. She got separated from her ex husband Lamar Odom sometime this year and moved on later when she started dating French Montana in April 2014 who she showered with affection, following him for tours and concerts. But that also did not work out as she has since broken up with him. Although there are new rumors of her getting back with Lamar but that has not been confirmed so we classify her as single.

*Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has a body to die for. She used to date Diddy but broke up with him and moved on with much younger dancer boyfriend Casper Smart 27 but that also did not last so long. They have since broken up and she is back on the singles market.

*Mariah Carey


Mariah is such a beautiful soul and its quite shocking that any man would want to let her go. She was married to Nick Canon for about 6 years. Nick was rumored to be unfaithful and their marriage soon came to an end. They have a four year old twin together and have focused on giving their children a better life since their split. This leaves Mariah single again.

*Paula Patton

Paula Patton at Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol Premiere

Paula was previously married to her childhood sweetheart and singer Robin Thicke for about 9 years. Their marriage faced some issues after Thicke was accused of having affairs, alcohol and drug abuse. Thick did everything to salvage their marriage but it didn’t work out. Paula has since found herself in the singles list.

*Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock

Sandra 49 has a body/ figure that someone have her age can hardly boast of. She was married to Jesse James and struggled through an unfaithful relationship uo until 2010 when they finally separated. She has been single since then and seems uninterested in dating again.

*Taylor Swift


The billboard woman of the year is more famous for singing about her exes. She is a successful country singer but one thing she has failed in is hooking up Mr. Right. Swift has been linked with several actors and singers but sadly enough, no one seems to be her perfect man. She has probably decided to take a break from dating as she has been single for a while now.



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