Mr Oladimeji Adisa

Mr Oladimeji Adisa

Promoting Africa is one of the best acts anyone should be caught in, but so many people would rather shy away and deny their African roots. Mr Oladimeji Adisa has been honored for being a proud African by the British Prime Minister.  Even in Diaspora, Mr Oladimeji has done everything possible to raise awareness about Africa and impact people about African culture through his Osun Foundation.

The foundation has been involved in several high profile cultural performances including the Commonwealth games and the Queens Jubilee. Mr Adisa has also worked with 500 schools around the UK with the aim of helping people understand Britain’s multicultural Society.


British Prime Minister David Cameron said Mr Adisa was doing a brilliant work. Cameron awarded him the Point of Light award for teaching people about African Heritage. The aim of the Point of the Light awards is to recognize outstanding individual volunteers who are inspiring others through their immense contributions.

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