Global real estate marketplace reveals top ten properties featured in reality television series.

The world’s most addictive reality television programme is about to kick off in Africa while already airing in Germany and the UK, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates are settling into their new homes away from home. But it’s not just the contestants that capture the attention of Big Brother’s global audience.

From indoor pools to secret rooms, luxurious hot tubs to futuristic furnishings, the Big Brother houses are anything but boring. Lets take you on a tour of the top 10 Big Brother houses around the world.

Germany’s Celebrity Haven
The first series of Promi Big Brother (Celebrity Big Brother) in Germany created a lavish escape for its celebrity residents. Taking opulence one step further, the house boasted fur bedcovers, thrones, animal skin rugs and gold-plated furnishings. And that’s just the inside. A beach, pool bar and hot tub were just a few of the luxuries on hand for the chosen celebrities to make use of during their stay.


Source: World of Big Brother

Australia’s Lap of Luxury
Located just outside the Dreamworld theme park in Gold Coast Australia, the Big Brother 2009 house adopted an aquatic theme, with extravagant fish tanks, Captain’s Quarters, complete with a swimming pool and sauna, and sea-life-inspired decor. The house included a naughty room, for any misbehaving housemates, complete with an opaque to transparent window, for the other residents’ pleasure.Australia

Source: World of Big Brother

Africa’s All Stars
The house for Africa’s very first All Star season was the epitome of lavish, dripping with jewels and plush velvet accessories. With chandeliers, candelabras and rich furnishings that wouldn’t look out of place in a royal palace, spending 92 days in this dream house would definitely not cause a problem.Africa

Source: World of Big Brother

American Dream
The house for the USA’s Big Brother 15 series played on a mid-century modern theme, with each room’s decor designed to capture the imagination of its housemates: Themes include: The jet-setter room, with its own glamorous cocktail bar, vintage decor and futuristic seating area; the bathroom for senses, designed like a sauna; and the skyline room, a luxurious, monochrome penthouse. And there’s plenty of entertainment to keep the housemates occupied, including a pool table, chess board and immersion pool.America

Source: Reality Tea

Indonesia’s Celebrity Enclosure
Trapped in the house for more than 30 days, with no contact with the outside world, Celebrity Big Brother in Indonesia quarantined its housemates in a house with more than 50 cameras. Those lucky enough to avoid the celebrity “cell”, used to capture badly-behaved housemates, enjoyed luxurious outdoor lounge areas to soak up the sun.Indonesia

Source: World of Big Brother

Bulgarian Retreat
For season four of Big Brother Bulgaria, the lucky housemates were treated to 3,000km2 of luxury near the country’s capital of Sofia. The stunning house included an indoor swimming pool and gym area, a shop, and an outdoor relaxation area, complete with its own fireplace.Capture

Source: Reality Nation

Croatian Paradise
Despite being the fifth season of Big Brother Croatia, the house is actually located in Thailand. Now this house is not your average BB home; in the garden, not only is there a stunning lake, swimming pool and palm trees, but also pet elephants for the housemates to look after during their stay.Croatia

Source: World of Big Brother

Filipino Design Heaven
Now in its fifth season, Pinoy Big Brother welcomed its housemates into an interior designer’s dream. With textured wallpapers, complementary patterns and prints, and eccentric furniture, the Big Brother house is spacious, colorful and full to the brim with modern, lavish amenities.Filipino

Source: Wikipedia

British Grandeur
Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has just kicked off in the UK, but let’s look back to 2013 to the beautiful abode that became the inmates’ new home. The theme was clearly opulence for 2013, with chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, bearskin rugs and gold adornments, fit for any VIP. There was no shortage of luxury, with topiaries and statues, a treehouse and hot tub to keep the celebrities occupied during their stay.British

Source: Big Brother 247

Relax in Brazil
If you were lucky enough to enter Big Brother Brazil’s season 11 house and live in the Rich House, you would never want to leave. The mansion interior boasts candy-themed bedrooms, a retro, neon kitchen and zen bathroom, whilst the exterior’s palm tree-lined, poolside sun haven provides the perfect location for housemates to relax, sunbathe, take a dip in the pool, relax in the hot tub and truly enjoy their stay. Those subjected to life in the Poor House, were not quite so lucky. Life on this side of Big Brother lacks beds, food, and fun of any kind.Brazil

Source: World of Big Brother

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