On Air Personality Tolu “Toolz” Oniru and Captain Tunde Demuren are currently having their traditional wedding in Lagos. As #Tsquare2016 continues to make waves on social media with posts from celebrity friends of the couple, we look back at the special moments caught on camera which told us it was true love.


The look of love and joyful eyes – have you noticed the couple always look in a world of their own even when photographed in public? This was just another one of those special moments caught on camera.


Another outing, another shared joke that has put a smile on the lovebirds’ faces.


Once again, they only seem to have eyes for each other as Toolz reaches out to touch Tunde’s face.


Toolz can’t get her hands off Tunde; Tunde can’t wait to take her home…


We saw this before of course… Think Victoria and David Beckham, Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt. If a couple can coordinately slay together, they sure can stay together.


If you needed further proof, Toolz and Tunde slay together, here it is.


First rule of long-term bliss: if you can vacay and put up with your significant others’ idiosyncrasies, you are set to manage it for the long-haul. Not only do they put up with each other on vacay, they also share loved up snaps – like this one from a recent holiday in Florida.


At their introduction, the couple is caught on camera sharing a joke. Making each a laugh like this is a sure sign it is true love and they are made to last.


At their engagement party, the couple steal another intimate moment and look like a glam old school Hollywood couple.

Toolz-and-Tunde-Demuren-Pre-wedding-1-fashionpheeva (1)

Even their steps are… in step.

It seems it is #TSquareForever all the way. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Demuren!




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