Ajibade Gbenro Emmanuel is a T.V presenter, model, been on over 5million fashion shows *okay that’s an exaggeration* and a multi-talented actor from the first episode of Tinsel, a mini drama series on Mnet.

His fame rose from Calabar Rocks; a festival diary in 2005. FAB meets A.G.E, the ladies’ man on Tinsel! Revealing what the ladies need to know about him and the TRUTH about his ‘twin’ Uti Nwachuckwu!

FAB: Have you ever played a love scene?

A.G.E: On Tinsel, my character with Telema represents love which exhibits my love for poetry. The 20th year old Soji recited lines from James Amuta’s Enigma- Beyond the Poet to his girlfriend who was a virgin till she messed it up.

FAB: With your good looks and features the ladies will like to know if you are single?

A.G.E: Hmmmmmmmmm! I’m single in a complicated relationship.

FAB: Any marriage plans in the future?

A.G.E: I hope to marry really soon to speed up my sexual reaction with my wife!

FAB: What are your fears?

A.G.E: MARRIAGE!!! To think of spending the rest of my life with one single woman scares the hell out of me. I don’t think it’s about getting married but staying married!

FAB: Some men think it’s a BIG issue being in the kitchen. Do you have any problem cooking for ladies?

A.G.E: It’s not condescending for a man to cook for a woman. I had to learn how to cook when I moved to Lagos in my uncle’s no-maid/woman’s apartment. From cooking rubbish I became perfect, so all my female fans. BRING IT ON! Let’s have a cooking competition!

FAB: How do you cope with stress?
A.G.E: When I’m stressed I love to do what makes me happy! I love the runaway! Music! Movies and CARTOONS! I also go swimming, play basketball and spend quality time at the gym; check out my abs!

FAB: Ever considered plastic surgery?

A.G.E: Haba! God try for me oh! Check me out nah! *A.G.E winks at FAB Interviewer*

FAB: Any Phobias?

A.G.E: Honestly, I don’t think I have any phobia. My dad is an engineer and we use to climb all sorts of heights and poles together when I was growing up.

FAB: Something about you that people don’t know?


A.G.E: Hahahahaha! Are you sure you really want to know this part of me?! I have 3 classics but I’ll give you the no. 1! During my 1st year in the university there was a ‘trend’ in school, people used to stick a tooth pick in the corners of their mouth after eating or not. I wanted to be different so I chose the nail till I swallowed the nail mistakenly. It went straight into my chest turning upside down as the result of the chest x-ray showed it. My mother was scared as she didn’t know the kind of damage caused plus she feared surgery. She kept feeding me with a particular vegetable soup back to back daily. Whenever I defacate she used her bare fingers to search through my poop looking for the nail. On the fourth day of feeding me with the vegetable which eventually became my best soup, she found the nail! My mother danced round the house with the poop all over her hand as she showed everybody the nail in my chest. It was some miracle especially for my mom.

FAB: There’s this buzz about you and Uti being brothers, is this a fact or farce?

A.G.E: Someone is not saying the truth about US! Somebody “na neighbour pickin!” It’s just a farce really but we enjoy the feedback about our similarities.  We are not related in any way just friends looking forward to our first twin role on television.

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  1. remi omojowolo

    Cool reading about one of my favorite people. And yeah u guys are twins in our heads. Lol. Again u see why mothers are sooooo celebrated?! Thumbs up age! Proud of u anyday!


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