Wealth-X released a list of the world’s top 10 richest recording artists. The average age of the musicians on the list is 51, with 39 years separating Paul McCartney, the oldest artist to make the list at 72, and Beyoncé, the youngest member at age 33. American pop music icon Madonna emerged at the top of the list with a net worth of US$800 million. While Beyoncé comes in at number 10 and husband Jay Z in at number 8 – the combined net worth of this music power couple is US$950 million, putting them right on the threshold of billionaire status.

Here’s the run down of the biggest money makers in the music recording industry:


bey rich

Name: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
Age: 33
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 440


9.elton rich

Name: Sir Elton Hercules John

Age: 67

Net Worth (US$, Millions): 450


8. jay rich

Name: Jay-Z
Age: 45
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 510

7. maria rich

Name: Mariah Carey
Age: 44
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 520


6. bono rich

Name: Bono
Age: 54
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 590

5. celine rich

Name: Celine Dion
Age: 46
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 630

4. diddy rich

Name: P Diddy
Age: 45
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 640

3. dr dre rich

Name: Dr. Dre
Age: 49
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 650

2. paul mcc rich

Name: Paul McCartney
Age: 72
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 660

1. madonna rich

Name: Madonna
Age: 56
Net Worth (US$, Millions): 800

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