Suby back in da FAB House.
I am still as always Fabulous.African.Black. It has been a long and successful week for myself and the FAB Team. We finally see a huge dream of our come true, FAB Magazine is now sold in 1000+ stores across the UK – huge milestone for us to be sold besides such magazines as Vogue and Elle. Please go out there and buy your copy. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Now shameless plug over and done with, my blog today is all about demystifying this belief some people may have that images & people are born and made perfect. Sorry folks, we live in the world of make-belief; the world of fashion is the biggest “make-believer” of them all. 

We (try to) sell you perfection on every page we present, whether it be a small editing change, or a drastic rebuild of a face, a smile, or the scenery. We do this in order to fundamentally get you to like, so you can be influenced to buy what we are showcasing. Let’s not be naive here, you would not buy a car or house that was not presented to perfection, so why should one think you would buy a jacket that pot bellied Suby is modelling? No we sell you Perfection for a reason.
For those of you who feel that they have to be like the images they see in magazines, enjoy the show (Once again: it’s ALL make-believe. WAKE UP!), for those who wonder how the original images looked like, have a field day thinking, “Why can’t they get it right in-camera?” (NOT POSSIBLE to create some certain effects in-camera), for those of you who want to bask in mine (and Sinem’s) awesomeness, feel free to go “AWESOME” & “FAB!” at viewing most of the images. 
Let  the “drama” begin:

Subtle lighting and skin clean:

Sepia toning to add more drama:

Even more drama added for more definition:

Now that’s what we call drama! I would buy whatever is being sold here:

Cleaning up skin and making teeth “more perfect” 🙂 Well you would not buy lipstick or toothpaste after seeing an image that was not perfect, would you?

Now this is all about the dress, the background highlightened now just makes it look even more ‘phhppoooaaarr’. (Refer to for those of you who dream of looking this ‘phwoooaarrr.’ Disclaimer: there may be a little… ok a lot of exercise also involved here)

Catwalk or concert images sometimes need a little bit of help in showing the drama:

I end this blog with one of my favourite image shot about 1.5 years ago. It just reminds me of how proud we as Africans should be at the beauty of not only ourselves, but our continent. I wish we took more pride in being black and strive even more to be the best at what we do.

Nigerians, today is the last day for you all to register to vote, I really do hope you/we all have registered as the future is literally in “all your/our hands”. DON’T SELL OUT (you know what I mean here).
Someone once asked how Sinem & I shoot together, we actually do shoot simultaneously at most shoots, don’t know how we do it, but we seem to have perfected the art, and we have the proof here (lol):

Welcome back to Nigeria from a hard business trip to Asia our publisher, Fab, goodbye to him on Monday as he is once again off to New York Fashion week. Safe trip, bro.

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  1. yve

    True talk. Magazines hav been accused of bein superficial with their images. But d truth is dat people r attracted to images dat r perfect (especiali beauty n fashion images).No one appreciates an image (or wat it is trying to advertise)to d point of owning it if it is not easy on d eyes. And yep!!Congratulations on your award. U guys r reali FAB.


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