The Underground

The Underground Event

The Underground was back again for the 5th time on the 30th of April at Ember Creek and as usual was fun and exciting with over 400 people in attendance.

The Underground is a brand by Inner Circle Inc an Event Management + Entertainment company. The Underground  is an open Mic night for upcoming artists. There are many undiscovered talented musicians, and the Underground aims to showcase these various talents to a wide ranging audience, music scouts and producers. The Underground features mainly unsigned acts and over time has seen a great mix of energetic and thrilling performances.

One of the performers

The Underground started in May 2010 and has staged four editions so far.

The event has grown from an audience of about 80 people in attendance to more than 400 in

less than a year. This shows how enthusiastic young people are about music and hearing fresh

artistes as signified by their attendance and support.

Performances by ShowDemCamp, Beazy, OShman (Past Underground WInner)

Celebrities Present included, Eva, Mo’ Cheddah, Kel and more

It was a night of music, dancing and cheering …..see for yourself!


Wale talking 'FAB'all the way

The crowd

More acts

The People

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