Selfie can be defined as a picture taken of a person by that person. This trend has been in existence for the past three years and it has become more popular than any other kind of photo uploaded on social media. This trend is most popular among younger social media users and also among many celebrities, whether among celebrities or regular people, selfies are a mainstay of Twitter and Instagram.

The trend for trying to express yourself through taking a self-portrait is not new. In 2011, Jennifer Lee became the first person to use the hash tag selfie  on Instagram and since then it has been used more than 80 million times. It was named Word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. The selfie is grabbing more social media spotlight. To some this trend is a slightly annoying trend as many seem to take it too seriously. Kim Kardashain is one of those that have taken it a little further. She is popularly referred to as the ‘selfie queen‘ She launched a campaign earlier this year asking people to get into a competition and take as much selfies as they could. It was also rumored that she also plan on publishing a ‘Selfish selfie’ book. Ellen De Generes also broke twitter with the absolutely amazing Oscars selfie, she blew up twitter and became the most  re-tweeted tweets ever.


What seems to be the latest trend is not the selfie but the selfie stick. Yes why so many people just want to have fun at taking selfies, some others have decided to see the monetary aspect, the world of selfie economics. Some manufacturers have spent extra time manufacturing smartphones with quality front cameras that gives full HD  pictures but people still do not get the perfect picture. This has brought about the evolution of the selfie stick. Many digital manufacturers have taken to creating selfie sticks that can help people get that perfect selfie. Buttons on the handle of the stick are used to control the device. What more can we say, now the selfie lovers can get better pictures they can share and manufacturers can get richer too.


See some very amazing selfie moments below.






selfie queen



Watch Selfie Video done By Famous Nigerian Musician Peter Okoye of Psquare.

Still on the baddest selfie video with @donflexx jonzing and messing around the world.. Lol #BaddestSelfieVideo pt3

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