Literally, there’s 365 days needed to depart before the next summer (if there’s any) arrives.. But it already seemed like The Amazing Spider-man is about to get its premiere within the week! But let’s get you settled down from your I-want-Tobey-back syndrome first.

Everything virtually has changed in The Amazing Spider-man except the fact that he got bitten by a lab spider from head to toe, as you’ll probably have observed in your cognitive process of familiarising what you’ve just saw. Done with all the frenaissance of your neighbourhood friendly Spiderman?


Yes, let’s welcome the 2G Spidey – he is none other than ANDREW (that’s me!!…) GARFIELD!! (..not), who played Eduardo Saverin in litigious Social Network, the BAFTA-winning British-American continues the legacy of Peter Parker in the reboot of Marvel’s all-time favourite superhero movie. Cheesy I thought at first, but I realised it’s a reboot! Unlike X-Men: First Class and Batman Begins where their narratives are unforeseen in screens, this spidey film is briefly tantamount to the one we saw in 2002! Amazing, why can’t they carry on with where they’ve stopped previously. Beats me.

Andrew Garfield as the new-gen Spidey, fresh on covers!


Anyway, the suit. It’s now more bluish, meshed and sling-er! Former Spider-man, Tobey Maguire, in his mid-30s, rooted the change! But there are mixed reviews from the Net – some preferred Tobey’s suit, saying that  “it was (as) accurate as you can get.” Also, they added a webshooter! Well, it makes sense because in the comic books, Spider-man does not have any organic ones!

“I’m glad they finally added the webshooters. Like the man (Stan Lee) said himself, “The webshooters make Spider-Man more vunerable”. Which means we’ll be seeing him get more hurt in this movie than ever,” one netizen commented.

Most importantly, Andrew Garfield gave everyone a pleasant surprise at the Comic Con 2011 yesterday – he ‘interrupted’ a speech while wearing a hard-core-fanmade Spidey suit and everyone thought he was a schizo. Seconds later, he removed his mask and the audience at the floor couldn’t believe their eyes! Find out everything in the video below!




Andrew Garfield dressed as amateur Spidey at Comic Con 2011



Sam Raimi is gone in this whole new installment but we welcome Hollywood’s up-and-coming director, Mark Webb, also a  music video expert, he has an impressive videography showcasing popular singers and bands such as Green Day (21 Guns), My Chemical Romance (Helena), Daniel Powter (Bad Day) and so much more. He also directed (500) Days of Summer, so watch out for him!  The Amazing Spider-man releases at 3rd July 2012. 



Watch The Amazing Spider-man Trailer

2 Responses

  1. Suby

    Don’t get why they have to “reboot” it with practically the same story line they have used in the 1st movie. Okay they going to have a different baddie, Spidey has webshooters, he gonna get his ass kicked a lot more (sorry nothing changed here) but everything else will be the same:
    geek boy goes to lab, gets bitten by radioactive spidey, try to get the prettiest girl in the school, learns meaning of “with great power comes great responsibility” blah blah blah…BORED ALREADY.

    Will go and watch it (dang the nerd and comic fan in me), cause I have to see every super hero movie ever made, but think Hollywood needs script writers.


    • Andrew Aw

      Haha Suby, chillax! I believe they’re being “strategic” to stretch the franchise a bit more, it is also a more “lazier” way of doing it, because they skip all the trouble of finding another screenplay :D

      Well, this is Hollywood, movie for the mass market, can’t imagine Bertolucci serving it :P


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