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The Undisputed Champion of hiphop in Nigeria M.I Abaga appears on the cover of MyStreetz magazine for the second time. Looking super dapper in this issue, M.I delivers his most in-depth interview yet!

Editor of Mystreetz Magazine Sesan Adeniji has this to say about its latest offering:

‘Welcoming the idea of doing rap songs to connect with the locals or rapping in your local dialect is a refreshing idea we have been waiting on for several years but that does not mean we should strike out the basic element of rap as a genre. This does not mean we should rule out a talented rapper like M.I  who I believe contributed to this movement with the single, ‘African Rapper’ featuring Flavour.  Arguably, MI is everything that Rap music should be all about. With the rate at which trend continues to evolve in the Nigerian music industry, several artistes have fallen short but MI survived.  He is above the trend, his content is rare.  Trend will always come and go but content will always survive. Content defines its own trend.

If you have been following this “short black boy” from his debut album, “Talk about it”, to his sophomore,” M.I.2″ then the most recent offering , “Chairman”, you will understand that it will be hard for anyone to write him off. MI the artiste knows that it’s up to him to learn, evolve and prove the critics wrong.  He’s constantly on this mission and with what he has in store, it’s about time we witness ˜the Resurgent MI.

This edition is a must read and it also contains a free copy of, the best of Project Fame Season 7.0 Compilation CD’.

Available nationwide in all leading bookstores; The HUBS, (Lagos, Owerri  and Ilorin), Glendora and Patabah bookstores) and newsstands. Also get free copies from your favorite  radio OAPS like Do2tun and Temi on CoolFm, Bigtime on RhythmFM, Kemi Smalz on CityFM, Yaw on WazobiaFM, Mc Ice Water on Eko and TrafficFM

Cover photograph by August Udoh. Makeup by; Ceria House

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