Why tell a lie to the public knowing very well, the media has sharp ears? In a recent magazine interview Miss Sylvia Nduka was asked “On the night of the contest, you didn’t answer your question, yet you won. What happened to you?” Her response was: I was tense and went blank at some point. It was my first time in any pageant or any stage. I guess that was what contributed to why that was what contributed to why I did not answer my question as I should have. I guess I won because of my activities in camp and of course, my good looks.

   But MISS NIGERIA organizers have debunked this underlined claim with videos and picture footage to the contrary. According to them, Miss Sylvia Nduka

(i)                 Participated in the 2010 MISS NIGERIA COMPETITION AS MISS KADUNA.

(ii)               Was selected in the LAGOS ZONAL casting of the 2010 MISS NIGERIA COMPETION in August 2010(with video clips evidence).

(iii)             While representing Kaduna State, Miss Sylvia participated in etiquette training where she was trained to present herself properly on stage and to an audience as well as other vital lessons in public appearances.

(iv)               Miss Sylvia Nduka as Miss Kaduna also participated in the media etiquette training with Jemi Ekunkunbor of Vanguard Newspaper, where she also received grooming on proper and media correctness and stage fright.

(v)                She survived the evictions of the MISS NIGERIA reality show, 16 finalists were selected for grand finale at ThisDay Dome in Abuja, September 25, 2010.

(vi)              Miss Kaduna- Sylvia Nduka made the top 20 finalists and participated on the grand finale stage in Abuja. However, Miss Nduka didn’t proceed to the next stage(Top 10) on the night of the grand finale. ENRAGED Miss Sylvia Nduka even broke her Miss Kaduna plaque and refused to come back on stage with the collective group of contestants. And the traditional attire Sylvia wore at the MBGN which worn her BEST TRADITIONAL WEAR was designed by Maryam Elisha. Miss Maryam Elisha also participated in the 2010 MISS NIGERIA COMPETITION as Miss Kebbi.

So I ask again, did she really think that attitude(recorded) will not leak?

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