mayan 1297343631925_ORIGINAL We all remember the 2009 movie hit called “2012” starring John Cusack, Thandie Newton, also British Nigerian actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor. The movie was about how the world came to an end according to the Mayan’s prophecy.

The ancient predictions according to the Mayan’s calendar the world will end on Friday 21, December 2012. Scientists have resumed that they will be a gravitational effect between the sun and the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, creating havoc on Earth. It is also said the 2012 date is attached to the concept of the photon belt, which predicts a form of interaction between Earth and Alcyone, the largest star of the Pleiades cluster.

Another claimed an ‘Alien invasion’ with inform that SETI had detected three large space craft due to arrive on Earth in 2012.

mayan_calendar  With media influence of TV series ‘the X-files’ which has an episode where it was mentioned they will be an alien colonization on Earth at 21 December 2012 according to the Mayan’s calendar they discovered. The history channel aired special series on doomsday including seven signs of Apocalypse like, solar storms, magnetic poles reversal, earth quakes, volcanoes and other natural events. Movies like “Melancholia” and “2012” gave us a picture of how the day will look like. Music hits as early as the 1997 song “a certain shade of Green” by Incubus, Jay Sean’s 2010 track “it aint the end” and pop princess, Britney spears 2011 hit “till the world ends”. Not forgetting ; Dan Brown’s ,best selling book of 2009 ‘The Lost Symbol’ which describes a code called “Julian date” leading to “Dec,21,2012”.

So quick question – will the world end today or not? If the world should end in Nigeria today; there will be a national black out. Even if you live at Aso Rock (where there is always 24 hours electricity) there will be a mystery black out all across the nation and all our phones will have no signal nationwide too – perhaps! So, I just gave you clue one and clue two. Anyways, let’s see if we’ll get to open our Christmas presents under our trees this year, or stick our tongues out to the Mayan’s calendar telling ourselves “cheers! to the New Year” in 2013.


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