Almost two years after Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her naked Paper Magazine cover, Teyana Taylor takes her kit off for the magazine giving us major body envy. Teyana is Teyana is, of course, best known for her starring role in Kanye West’s music video Fade, in which she dances around a gym in a thong and sports bra.


The video also features her partner Iman Shumpert of Cleverland Cavaliers and their baby June in the video too, which Teyana sees as the real reason it was such a hit. “It was more than just dancing in a sports bra and a thong,” she says.


Teyana is more than just her banging body as well. At 16, she signed a record deal with Pharrell’s Star Trak Entertainment and appeared in an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, where she threw an ’80s- and ’90s-inspired skater bash. As a teenager, she also created choreography for Beyoncé’s “Ring the Alarm” video and danced in Jay Z’s 2007 “Blue Magic” video.

In the Paper editorial, she is seen in a series of sexy poses showcasing her amazing physique. Baby June, aka Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr.,  also stars in the shoot wearing a red rubber turban to match her mom’s bright red hair.


In the interview with Paper, Teyana talks about success, her relationship and of course Kanye West.


On Kanye

“Being signed to his label for four years, and Kanye being like a big brother to me, he’s seen everything that I’ve been through. He was like, ‘It’s so dope because y’all so young and y’all fresh, but then y’all got the baby and the championship.'” (Shumpert is a part of the 2016-NBA-title-winning Cleveland Cavaliers.) She adds, “I think that gave him the idea of wanting to see us all in the video together.”


On success

“I never had the time to fail, to fall and get back up and try again. People would get up on me, like, ”You’ve been doing it for seven years now, you might as well give up. All you can do is keep shining. You can’t say something and think my legs are going to stop, my voice is going to stop, my hunger is going to stop. I’ll be hurt for five minutes, but I’m going to keep going hard.”


On a balanced relationship

“For me, a lot of stuff — dropping albums, tours — is in the summer and spring when his season is over. During winter time, I get to be more on his side, supporting him, and during the summer he supports me. So it’s the perfect balance.”





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