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Tap Into The Last Days Of Summer With This FAB “Summer Getaway” Inspiration + Easy Steps To Get Beach Babe Waves

Summer Getaway

We are already getting nostalgic for the days when the sun won’t be as bright and we won’t have any excuse to breakout our summer clothes. Instead of being down we are tapping into the last days of summer and getting ready to hit the beach.

With this FAB editorial for FAB Magazine, photographed by Mike Mba, you can also get inspirations on how to fashionably tap into the last days of summer. Pack your swimwear, sunglasses, sandals and sunscreen and hit the beach. And if you are looking for how to style your hair we have exclusive beauty tips from hair stylist Anounshka Ramanenkova:

Summer Getaway3 Summer Getaway5 Summer Getaway11single

Easy steps to get beach babe waves: There’s something about beach babe wavy hair on a beach. It’s sexy, feminine, pretty, and is a woman’s favourite beach hair style. What’s more, it’s so easy to achieve. Simply wash your hair in the morning before hitting the beach, apply hair serum to reduce frizziness and fly away hair then spray on plenty of Toni and guy sea salt.

The sea salt will give the hair texture and body and of course those glorious waves; simply leave to dry naturally. If you get your hair wet from dipping in the blue cool sea water simply spray the sea salt on your hair again to give it back its life.

Summer Getaway2 Summer Getaway4 Summer Getaway4single Summer Getaway12single

Not sure what to do with your short hair on the beach? Simply, read these tips on how to achieve gorgeous beach hair: No one wants to look their worst on a beach, the hot sun, cool blue sea, cocktails, volleyball, but imagine enjoying that luxury but with hair that just doesn’t sit right, maybe it’s frizzy, flat, no style. Stop the worrying and do these simple tips.

Get a beach wave surfer look by spraying Toni and guy sea salt spray into towel dried hair and let it work it’s magic while your hair dries naturally. Or if you don’t like the surfer look, simple style your hair with a clay product like Sebastian crude clay. It’s guaranteed to hold your style all day without melting.

Photography: Mike Mba
Models: Chelsea Powell, Natalia Krajclkova, Sophie Smith and Mellisa Falla Jurado
Makeup Artist: Nikki Tripping & Abbie May Hopkins
Hair: Anounshka Ramanenkova
Assistant: Laryi Rogers
Graphic Designer: Adrian Alara


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