Broken heel? Tired of walking in heels all day long? Canadian-born designer Tanya Heath has solved the problem that millions of women around the world are facing daily. She’s created the world’s first convertible shoes that can swap styles and heights at a push of a button! Tanya Heath has worked and lived in Paris, France for the past 20 years. A wife and a mum of three, she had no professional training and was completely self-taught!

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“I wore them [heels] everywhere but I could never manage the pain. Once I nearly had a car accident when my heel locked under the break. I just fantasised non-stop about a shoe where you could just take the heels off, and that would go from a comfortable low-heel to a high-heel, and still make me look good!” said Tanya to Daily Mail. She revolutionised women’s footwear with her collection of multi-height shoes with removable heels so that you don’t ever have to suffer to look beautiful.

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All the shoes come in several heights, colours, styles and finishes. The shoe and heel combinations are endless and you can create your own style at a push of a button! From strappy sandals, to pumps and chunky heels – everything is possible! The shoes embody the latest fashion trends so that you can always stay on top of your look and create endless combinations that take you from one reality to another,’ says Tanya. These shoes can be seen at purchased at her E-Shop

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