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FAB News: Armani Thieves Arrested.

People ask questions like “why are people so fashion conscious?”, “must you always wear a clothing with a designer label?” …well, ask no more; because these Armani thieves know a worthy designer when they see one.
The gang of thieves … Continue reading

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FAB News: Kris Jenner gets her TV talk show.

  Glamorous Reality TV Mom and grand-mom, Kris Jenner will be giving an exciting profile twist to her personality on the TV screen as she moves from starring on the popular reality TV series ‘Keeping up with the Kadashians’ on … Continue reading

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FAB Events: Countdown to the FAB AWARDS NOMINEES PARTY 2011 – by Sharon Ojong

The FABulous Nominees Party will take place from 6pm on the 23rd of October 2011 in the Mega Plaza pent house, De Marquee where 130 names will be revealed as being in the running for a FAB award. Nominees across … Continue reading

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First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who attended the launch party on the soggy Sunday but the huge and overwhelming response from all of you proved that we are too FABulous to be dampened by anything else! … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Your 1-min Video Guide to UK Riots in Numbers by Andrew Aw

This is probably the UK’s first 1-minute slideshow of key figures to riots happening out there at the moment, don’t miss this all-in-one supplement to take for all that you need to know about the escalating unrest in London and … Continue reading

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