*Let me start this discourse by saying; that this is not a license for licentiousness or a ticket to tinkering about with women’s emotions. I am no advocate of premarital sex for I believe the losses are more than the gains.
However, knowledge is a prerogative for all concerned. If more honorable men understood the psyche of women, then emotional predators wouldn’t be ‘stealing’ all the good girls as so commonly assumed. Simple things are often neglected and being just a wonderful person will not inspire emotional attraction from women. Mental attraction perhaps but passion?  That’s the difference between guys kept in the friend zone and those who are courted. It is unfortunate but that’s the truth. In the art of love, transcend beyond the loving provider and also learn to be dangerously seductive. You can be a #VeryGoodBadGuy like Sound Sultan sang in his track with Banky W.
Therefore, married? Looking for a bride? This is a summation of facts about women’s predilections in love. This short essay will give you tips on how you can win the heart of the woman of your dreams. I present to you secrets that a nice guy can use to woo a potential bride and make her a happy satisfied wife after marriage. Play boys attract a lot of women because they know these things. When a man knows the secret to getting hearts, it will take a sublime measure of self control for him not to be corrupted by that power he begins to wield over women.

But I presume that you my male reader is man enough to put a leash on the impulse to misuse such info. I pray that you become a part of the few good men who know how to attract most women yet maintain fidelity to one woman. Being a hunk has little to do with it. Haven’t you seen men who are not as tall or physically attractive with girls humming around them begging for their love? Ever wondered what ladies saw in these men? Even some of whom have not a penny to their name?

A lot of ignoramuses repeat the cliche ‘ All you need is cash and she’ll follow you’
On the contrary, money may give you her body but never her heart. The social climber will happily marry the rich man but her love will never be his. Winning her over is a different kettle of fish and here are ways you just might succeed and you can, starting from day one.




When You Meet Her.





I. Eye contact:

Don’t be afraid to look into her eyes. When you talk to her or have her within view, make frequent eye contacts. There is a magic about the eyes that can send shock waves through the nerves of the discerned. Locking eyes with you more often than not could mean she’s available. Avoiding your gaze in a clear cut manner can translate to ‘not interested’, married or taken. If her pupils won’t dilate with yours at first sighting, don’t waste your words, don’t bother approaching. She may well give you the cold treatment.

II. Wordplay:
Men who make women feel beautiful are walking love magnets. Male poets and writers who have excellent usage of diction in describing female anatomy and feelings have been known for centuries to attract women as flies invite honey.
Soft sensual words spoken like a whisper can replay in her mind for decades. Words sway us. We are ear sensitive. Creatures of sound. Have a habit of telling her how she makes you feel. Things like ” I don’t know what you do to me ” “I can’t stop thinking about you”. Are just basic examples but you have to mean what you say. Attraction can make a man feel a lot of things. Voicing them in words can be the sexiest thing for a lot of women. Never lie to a woman. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you are not sure it’s love don’t say ‘ I love you’ . Remember you have a sister. Lying your way into her heart leads only to heartbreak. Remember you have a sister; even a mother. You may have a daughter one day and you wouldn’t want a man to deceive her; would you? Do not tamper with innocence or manipulate sincerity for carnal gains. But if you see something special in this girl, you can make her see something special in you too without lies or deception. The key is to concentrate on your feelings, let the energy flow out of your lips in confession. If it feels like lust, tell her . Don’t be scared that your frankness may spook her off. The truth is women love being desired. It makes them feel beautiful, whether or no it ‘s love or mere corporeal cravings. Let her hear your emotions and bodily vibrations. Let her be the one to make up her mind to go with the flow. Even if she turns you down, believe me, she won’t forget you in a hurry. Choice of words are extremely important. You don’t want to come off as sleazy or uncouth. If she’s decent and not a whore, she wouldn’t want to hear raw outbursts or tactless remarks that a prostitute could hear from a client.




III. Touch:
Let your body speak to her. Your hands, arms for instance can tell her more that your lips couldn’t. I don’t men sex here at all. I mean ordinary physical contact. Holding her hand for instance. Kissing it. You can tease her fingers with yours and kiss each tip one by one. When she’s sad, complaining about a problem, grieving or depressed, don’t say a word, don’t offer advice. Just hold her in your arms. Kiss her on the forehead when she least expects it. If tears are falling from her eyes, kiss or tease them away with your fingers. If you must say something say ‘It’s Ok ‘ or ‘ I am here for you’ or ‘ Don’t cry’ If you have a pet name for her use them in these circumstances. You can even say something abstract and sweet like commenting on something you like about her that day just to make her feel better.

IV: Self Confidence and charm:
If you are the shy type. Never show it. Shy guys can be the nicest of men but unfortunately the classic female is drawn to to self confidence and composure. You can’t make eye contact if you are drawing maps on the ground. Not Kosher. Look her straight in the face. Find smart ways of making tell-tale signs of discomfiture to appear as a style in your persona. She doesn’t have to know you’re near crapping in your pants right now. All she needs to know is that you are feeling her.


When She Is Yours




V: The Kissing Game:

Prostitutes do not kiss their customers for a reason. A kiss is too personal. A kiss well delivered can send strange love messages to the female brain. May well complicate things for the shrewd harlot who does not want to risk ‘falling’ for a client. If a man knew the powerfully gripping effect a kiss can have on a woman, he’d spend his leisure times reading up literature on various head – spinning kissing techniques.
A woman’s sexual arousal can be grossly heightened by a kiss. If you rock her world with a fantastic first kiss, then congratulations! You’ve succeeded in planting yourself in her mind and you can remain there for a long time even forever ; that is if you choose to love her and treat her as your queen as time goes by. To a lot of men kissing is but a mere preamble to coupling, a perfunctory act preceding intercourse but to a woman it’s heaven and earth. And if you value her you would try to please her with a dosage of rich kisses. Love is sacrifice. She should also do the same for you, doing things for your pleasure and loving it.





V: Sex Rules (Strictly For Married Couples*) :

Tell her in explicit erotic terms the things you are dying to do to her. You can even coin up sweet monikers for her erogenous zones. Assault her senses with lurid imagery and she’ll deliquesce like lard with wanting you. Let me give you a concise example ” Babe, I am going to make you sooo wet until you’re thinking of nothing else but having me inside you” Get the drift?
Never appear in a hurry to have your way with her. Maintain your cool always. Thinking only of new ways you can excite her senses. Don’t jump the gun. Never rush things. There is time for everything. Even penetration. There is a time for love and a time for consummation and the time for the latter is after you wed. Even in bed, looking desperate to see her orgasm so that you can expend yourself is a no no. Your impatience will only tense her up and further delay her orgasm. Showing that you’re irritated by some parts of her body or appearing bored when you are pleasuring her is a definite orgasm killer. Always be excited with what you’re doing to her. Speed up her climb to the pinnacle by loving her body with words. Many men would rather keep mute during sex but women love making love and love- making is only half complete without vocal endearments. Endeavor to make love to her often, not just sex all the time. Sex only involves the privates but love making entails the whole body. Lips, ears, stomach, belly button, muscles, tongue teasing,the nerve endings come alive in the romance of body-speak. Make intense eye contacts during intercourse. Tell her how warm and sweet it feels inside her. Tell her how much you love her taste and smell. Ask her where she likes to be touched. Tell her you love her. Tell her you’re going crazy, that it feels so good. And so on and so forth. Just speak sensual words which communicate your feelings at that moment and watch her loose her mind in absolute ecstasy. Orgasms have many levels and if you seduce her with words while in bed you’d certainly be sending her to the highest earth shaking zenith of incredible pleasure.
After the act, if you must pass out do so with your arms around her. If you can manage to keep your eyes open for a while before sleeping off, make eye contact , share a few jokes or conversation or compliment her for being so wonderful. This is the best time to say I love you. You can kiss her again before letting go to slumber. Women cherish such moments. In this way you bond with her so tightly that she thinks of you more. Make love to her taking into cognizance these passionate tit bits I’ve mentioned and she’ll look forward to sex with you most nights.
Remember to spice up the sex in different positions and locations, sometimes to the rhythm of fast or slow music. Be creative. Be inventive. Sometimes unpredictable.




Other Imperatives For Mr And Mrs

Lastly to seal the deal, never starve her of compliments. Rev up her self esteem with encouragement. Give her gifts. Don’t miss her birthdays and always commemorate your anniversary. Show her you care by spending time with her. Help her out when you can with the house or kids. Grow in friendship by sharing activities and showing interest in each other’s vocations. Allow each other some space to be yourselves. Don’t expect too much from one another. Enjoy the things you share in common and respect your differences.

P.S : Don’t forget to put ALMIGHTY GOD first in your marriage. A genuinely God fearing couple will have more ease in defeating obstacles like invading relatives and temptations from outside.

If you are done reading this article; then you ought to know by now what made King Solomon of the Bible so powerfully alluring to hundreds and thousands of women in his time. Read up his writings in the holy book’s ‘Song Of Songs’ to know more.


” I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field. Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”

Song Of Songs chapter 2:7 , THE HOLY BIBLE.



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